Rogue Valley "Seasons" Vinyl

by Rogue Valley

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    Select tracks from Rogue Valley's four-season compilation. Includes limited edition case with artwork by Josh Journey-Heinz, four-season poster, ebook with lyrics, and immediate download of vinyl tracks.

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released November 24, 2012



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Rogue Valley Minneapolis

Rogue Valley is an Americana-Rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In one years time, they wrote, recorded, and released four full length albums, one with each season. The albums and songs therein come together to tell a story of love and loss; of wanderlust and consequence and of how relationships change over time and distance. Live, Rogue Valley performs with 4-6 pieces. ... more

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Track Name: Onward and Over
Onward and over the seasons turn
I'm not letting you go, I'm not ready to go

Stay until the mourning shows
After all the people go I won't deny
When you leave the winter rushes in
Through the holes in the sky
Like lonely islands

Onward and over the seasons turn
I'm not letting you go, I'm not ready to go
Former and future; it all will merge
I'm not letting you go, I'm not ready to go

So you're making plans
I've studied all the maps you've pinned up
On the clothesline
But they're only temporary trails
Borders will change waters will rise
Leaving lonely islands

Former and future; it all will merge
I'm not letting you go, I'm not ready to go
Onward and over the seasons turn
I'm not letting you go, I'm not ready to go
Track Name: Cleaning Slates
You can lose me in the crowd
In the searching eyes
Looking for someone looking for nobody
Nothing satisfies

What I need is a new start

You can look at lady liberty
But you can't get inside her head
Marvel the structure
The architecture
Send a postcard to a friend

I wish you were here
But what I really wish for
Is a new start

Rows and rows of dominoes
Waiting to fall one by one
Into the ocean

What I think I need
Is a place where all my
Problems will leave me
Plain in anonymity

You can lose me in the crowd
The people are your shroud

All I really need
Is a new start
Track Name: Rockaway
We packed up a car
I don't know whose it was
With blankets and beers
we stopped for gas and chocolate bars

We got lost, we got found
And out sorrows we drowned
In Rockaway
In Rockaway

The radio broke
So we sang songs instead
A girl I didn't know
With a copper bracelet - put her hand in my hand

Oh but hands lead and lead away
If only nightbirds could stay
In Rockaway
In Rockaway

We sat on the shore
And stripped down to our skin
And ran to the sea
The water was cold but she went in so I did

In that space between dusk and dawn
You don't always know which side of a dream you're on
In Rockaway
In Rockaway

The tide starts creeping in
Taking what it will
Wood and rocks and bones
Returned to the world below

After breakfast we slept
Until late afternoon
All over the house
And in the front lawn - all of the neighbors were gone

And somewhere in my sleep
I knew there was nothing I could keep
In Rockaway
In Rockaway

Some friends I have known
For as long s we've grown
Like blackberry vines
Taking over the earth from the side of the road

Tangled up in fruits and thorns
Where rabbits ran and deer lock horns
In Rockaway
In Rockaway
Track Name: Red River of the North
When the season changed so suddenly
A sweeping rain was swallowed by the river valley

And we thought that last time had prepared us
But rising water rises with a plain indifference

We have to hold our goddess down
We have to send the river back

When the rain came it called out an army
Tireless and hungry people went to working

They joined hands beside the great Red River
But despite assembling they could not hold together

They climbed
High above the river
And watched
Everything change together
Track Name: The Color Wheel
I will meet you in the garden
We will shed our skin
Leave our old bodies and look on them
And our new ones could be anything

Greener, greens
And blues so deep
They'd make
The delta weep
And a purple sky
Volcanos crash
Sparks fly

Bodies of brass
Heavenly cast
The statues will come
Into the light at last

The moon has turned
The rains have passed
The sands have burned
Into sheets of glass

Leave our bodies
And look on them
Our new ones
Could be anything
Track Name: Somewhere in Massachusetts
Little white forest flower at the grasses edge
Running on the eaves the frost is creeping
You can feel it in your knees

I have never been so still
I'm a wolf watching stalking its kill
I will play the game
The wilderness untamed
Feels no pleasure feels no pain

I wash my clothes in the sink
I twist my shirt and wring the water free
I look into the tea before I drink
I twist a lemon and wring the bitterness free

The bees are sleeping so they won't miss
A drop of honey a little sweetness

Little white forest flower no one else will see
I have to come to rest in a vacant nest
In the skeleton trees
Track Name: Icebox
There's no daylight, there's no sun
This old engine won't turn over

I feel lucky I can see my breath
Means that I'm still kicking in this icebox
On the northern edge

The vertigo is forming stars
The slowing down of a tired comet

I feel defeated, I can feel my hands
Turning into twisted jagged icicles
Hanging from the ledge

It's just me and some distant howl
Reaching for the big old moon
Everything that I knew
Changes so soon

The fields were gold now they're frozen dirt
The birds have all flown south
The better it feels the more it will hurt
Her name burns in my mouth

I feel grateful there's something else besides
Mother Nature strains you, plains you
But she provides

There's no night-time, there's no sun
It's all one continuous motion
Track Name: Geese in the Flyway
The door is open, everyone is welcome
A song summons our voices in a ramshackle chorus

Stories I know well but seem new every time
They're told at the table, I feel something graceful

The geese in the flyway

Look at the baby so small in my hands
She made it just barely but make it, she did

Look at her mother and her mother's mother
In the kitchen together
In my mind that is where they were forever

The geese in the flyway

The words pour forth from out hearts
The wine fills our cups and fills them again

The stories we all know fade when we're alone
A picture that depends on each piece of the puzzle

When it comes in focus: no matter what broke us
We all can be joyous in tranquil observance

Of the geese in the flyway
Track Name: Mountain Laurels
From the western edge of highway one
To the east of appalachia
I got my ticket baby here I come

Following the
Crows and colors
Toward September

A letter written with a nervous hand
With a stroke of a shaky pen
Bottled up and buried in the sand

Castles built and
Taken under
Gone without a trace

Watch the clouds along the coastal range
Through the desert and the empty space
In Pennsylvania you can almost taste
The mountain laurels

When I lay these flowers on this grave
And do the math to find the final age
I think of all the different ways

Darling don't
Be long in waiting
The locks and every
Window breaking
The darkness won't be
Long in taking
Track Name: Jar Flies
Radiating life
Clicking in the trees
Listening for
A fluttering of wings

Not all old habits have to break

I can play this game of hangman all night
Guessing letters while she draws the noose

Every line you draw
Every stroke of heat
Brands my side
In hurried ecstasy

Tenacious honey bee
Buzzing collecting
The sticky sweet
To bring home to the queen

Not all old habits have to break

I can play this game of hangman all night
Guessing letters while you draw the noose
I can play these games with you all night
Anything I can do to amuse

I can play these games with you all night
Anything I can do to amuse
Never letting on how much I love you
Letters fall like stars shaking loose
Track Name: Rope Swing Over Rogue Valley
I like your look, your sailor mouth
The way you sing instead of speak
I like your books and arguments
Your uncommon sense of common sense

We got the world on a rope
There's nowhere we can't go
Roots runs deep but roots come free
There's nothing we can't be

You've come so close with no remorse
I know I've known you before
Maybe now we'll see the past
And future crossing the other's path


The water's clean and rushing through us
The emptiness is in the far-off distance

We got the world on a rope
Swinging in the wind
Something broke, you will cope
Honey just let it go
Track Name: The Wolves and the Ravens
In the morning by the sea
As the fog clears from the sand
I have no money in my hand
I have no home, I have no land
But it doesn't trouble me
As I lay beside the fire
I am easy to inspire
There is little I require

I wasn't yours and you weren't mine
Though I've wished from time to time
We had faced a common ground
Your voice was such a welcome sound
How the emptiness would fill
With the waves and with your song
People find where they belong
Or keep on

Through the never-ending maze
Where the way is seldom clear
There is no map or compass near
I drive a ship I can not steer
Through the bleak and early
Where a stronger will is sworn
Where the moments move so slow
And seem to never let go

When my hands are old and ache
And my memory flickers dim
And my bones don't hold my skin
And there's no place I haven't been
I'll recall the days were few
That is all that I can do
Feel the carvings in the tree
That gave shape for you and me